The Bedtime Tag

The Bedtime Tag – oh the irony. We’ve had about three full night’s sleep since Willow was born (you can read more about this here) and that was only because she was sleeping over at Grandy’s. The lovely Annie at meanniebee tagged me so I thought it would be amusing to give it a go because if you don’t laugh about these things then you will cry and probably never stop crying until they are old enough to move out of home. And then you probably won’t sleep because you are worrying about them. I think it will be easier if I just wave the white flag and give up on the notion of sleep forever.

She’s sleeping – get a photo quick!
Here goes:

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine

We aim to have Willow fed, bathed and in bed by 7:30pm. Then it’s all in the hands of the sleep gods. Sometimes she sleeps through until 11pm, sometimes she’s up and down like a yo-yo. We just take each night as it comes. If we’re lucky we get to have our evening meal before 8pm. We have been known to eat after 10pm (which isn’t good for setting up a relaxing night’s sleep). While she is asleep I’m usually multi tasking – doing a load of washing, blogging, watching a bit of TV. Once Willow is awake there is no going back into her cot so she gets in our bed and we basically squidge round her.

 2. What are your favorite pyjamas?

I have a really comfy pair of pjs from Primark which I love because I’m tall and the legs are nice and long – something hard to find in pjs trust me!

3. What is your favourite bedtime reading?
These days I’m usually reading blogs which I love. I used to be an avid reader but haven’t had the time since I had Willow and since I started blogging.

 4. What would I find on your bedside table?

I don’t have one! If I did it would be piled with all the books I have waiting to be read. One day…

 5. What scents make you sleepy?

Lavender every time, it reminds me of my grandmas in a comforting way. I have lavendar candles and all our washing powder and softener is lavender scented. It’s so nice getting into fresh sheets with a lavender smell. I took a little bag of dried lavender into hospital with me when I was having Willow and it really helped to relax me.

 6. What is your usual bed time and wake up time?

I always plan to go to bed about 10 pm but it never turns out that way. It’s usually more like 11pm. I get up at 6:30 am so I can get myself showered and dressed and the breakfast things out before Willow wakes up and we start the chaos of trying to get her ready and at nursery by 8:30am (ish).

 7. What are your top 3 bedtime products?

I always cleanse tone and moisturise with Garnier Micella Water, Tropic Spritz Toner and Clinique Moisture Surge before bed.

 8. What is your most common sleeping position?

I just fit into the bit of space Willow leaves me as she’s normally starfishing in the middle of the bed. I’ve become quite adept at sleeping in small spaces.

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

My phone because that’s my alarm and a big glass of water as I get really dehydrated during the night.

10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

Not going to bed at a reasonable hour because I’m glued to Insta and Twitter or reading blogs!

So that’s my bedtime tag. I nominate:
Bridget at Bridie by the Sea &

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Don’t forget to tag me in so I can have a read!

Kat xx

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Baby number two?

It’s 2am. She’s wide awake. I know I’m in this for the long haul. She’s not going back to sleep.  This will involve us going downstairs and playing until she’s sleepy and I can start the process of rocking her to sleep. I have to get up at 6:30am. I have back to back meetings. Will we be lucky tonight and be back in bed by 4am?  I purposely don’t look at the clock. When my alarm goes off a couple of hours later I feel like I’ve been asleep for two minutes.  I feel tired.  I feel bloody old.

Lately I’ve been giving serious consideration to the idea of having another child, now that the hideousness of child birth is but a lingering memory (only took 14 months) and our breast feeding fiasco, sorry journey, is behind us (I loved it really but MAN was that hard work).  There’s a big part of me that wants her to have a brother or sister but I honestly don’t know if I can go through this again.

Here is where my head is at:

Age: I’m 36 (nearly 37).  How old is too old for another baby?  I know that women have babies into their late forties now but I’m talking in terms of energy levels.  You can’t deny that you start to feel tired much more quickly as those years tick by.  I had Willow when I was 35. Should I have decided to have children younger when I had more energy or was I right to wait and get a bit of life experience under my belt?  I think that by waiting a little longer I have some smidges of wisdom that I hope to pass on to her and any future child we might have (although god knows this is a VERY different  world to the one I grew up in).  I spent my twenties travelling and hanging out at music festivals.  In my early thirties I built my career.  I’m glad I can set an example for Willow so that she will grow up knowing that she too has the right to make her own life choices about when she starts a family.

Experience: I think the prospect of having another baby is a bit more daunting now I truly know the impact it has on your life.  Gone is the naïve first time pregnant lady with her dreams of strapping the child onto her back and heading off round the world whipping her boob out on demand and having a thoroughly jolly time.  In reality I was ‘crying hysterically at dropping my breast pad in the toilet’ lady who quite frequently had to be peeled off the ceiling by various friends and family.  On the flip side experience could work in our favour as we will be much more prepared on a practical level (we’ve kept all Willow’s baby ‘stuff’ which is probably quite telling in itself about our thoughts on having more children.  Children?  Plural? Hang on a second….)  We would also be slightly less blind sided by the sleep deprivation, colic and cracked nipples (not so much the latter for Anthony).

Finances:  As much as it pains me to say it we would have to think very carefully about if we can afford another baby right now.  Our budget is worked out to the penny.  We certainly can’t afford two lots of nursery fees so if we do decide to go for it we really should wait until Willow is three when we get help with childcare costs.  The last thing I want is for us to be distracted and worried about money when we should be soaking in the bliss of having a newborn in the house (time does really make you forget the reality doesn’t it?)

The existing child. She. Never. Stops. It’s a hundred miles an hour from the moment she wakes (at 5am) to the moment she goes to bed. She’s a little clever clogs and needs constant stimulation or starts rioting. How on earth would I be able to care for two at the same time? I’d be outnumbered and outwitted at every turn. How to you stop a toddler undressing and putting her clothes in the kitchen bin while breastfeeding a new born? (Maybe you don’t?)

A while back I read read Little Love and Sunshine’s awesome blog ‘To the Thirty Something Mums’ so I revisited it while writing this post. It gave me some perspective and a little bit of hope.  Yes, we’re tired, no we’re not wafty, nubile twenty somethings anymore but this too shall pass.  One day we will be rested and be able to look back on these hectic days and realise how wonderful it actually all is.

Am I overthinking it? Should I take advice from Nike and ‘just do it’? I’d love to hear about your experiences of the reality of having baby number two (and don’t hold back on my account).

Speak soon,

Kat x

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Mummy Times Two
Hot Pink Wellingtons

The Rocking Motherhood Challenge

I’ve been wanting to do this challenge for ages so thank you to the lovely Mrs Mummy Harris for the nomination. We’re all rocking mama hood in our own individual way every day, I think we just don’t realise it! It was nice to take stock of my parenting rollercoaster so far and have a think about what I do that rocks. We should all be very proud of

My world

ourselves for doing this insanely hard ‘job’ and celebrate our achievements (even if it is just remembering to brush your teeth in the morning!) You all rock mamas!


When I was thinking about my ten things I asked Anthony what he thought. He ummed and ahed for a while then said (in all seriousness) “You look good pushing a pram.” WTF? Thanks very much mate.  Fourteen months in and that’s all you can think of!  For the sake of our relationship I didn’t press him any further and came up with my own ideas:




  1. I’ve found my inner lioness. Not that I was shy and retiring before but now I have a cub to protect and god help anyone who tries to hurt the most precious thing in my life.
  2. We love a good kitchen disco. Every time a great tune comes on the radio we crank up the volume and have a boogie on the lino. We are quite literally rocking it.
  3. I breastfed until Willow was nine months old when it came to a natural end. I’d still be doing it now but I let her lead when she wanted to stop. It was a difficult and tiring journey at first but I’m super proud of myself for sticking with it.
  4. I stopped listening to ‘advice’ from other people about how to parent. I know everyone always had the best of intentions but once I concentrated on doing what was best for us and our family, things got much easier and calmer for everyone.
  5. I work full time but my job is important to me and I can be both mama and career girl. It’s hectic and yes there is guilt about leaving her but she’s happy and thriving at nursery. I think we all need our own time to feel like ‘us’ no matter how you do it. For me that’s work and I feel like I’m setting a good example for Willow when the time comes for her to have a family and has to make decisions about work.
  6. Equal parenting. Anthony and I share the load across all aspects of bringing Willow up and I think I rock for doing this. I can’t do it by myself and am the first to admit it. Sharing our responsibilities means that Anthony has built up an amazing bond with Willow, particularly because we were lucky enough for him to take some paternity leave.
  7. I am the sugar police so we hardly have any sugary food in our house (except for Anthony’s secret stash of biscuits) so I’m proud that Willow loves healthy food. She points at the fruit bowl all the time (so much so we had to move it because she wanted to eat bananas and mandarins for every meal) and loves Sunday dinners because of all the different types of veg in her bowl. I don’t enjoy picking rogue peas out of the carpet though.
  8. I’m proud to say that Willow is brought up in an environment of tolerance and love – shove off Trump! It’s really important to us that she grows up to respect differences and that everyone is entitled to love who they want and follow any faith they want without fear of persecution. My little girl will know her worth and her right to achieve all her dreams regardless of what anyone says.
  9. We look out for new experiences for Willow as much as we can whether it’s a trip to a farm (she loves animals!), the beach (she loves sand!), an aquarium (she loves fishes!) or a nature park (she loves the mud!) Wherever we go we let her explore her surroundings and try and let her lead where she wants to go and what she wants to do. We love watching her taking everything in, touching things and squealing with delights at new sounds, tastes and sights. We’re planning on taking her to her first festival this summer – I’m so excited!
  10. I’m not a perfect mama, nor do I strive to be because therein lies the route to madness. I’ve made my fair share of parenting mistakes which Willow has largely forgiven me for. I rock because sometimes I just have to say “OK, that was a bit shit”, learn from it and move on. No point crying over spilled breast milk!

So that’s me!

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.

2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10. I really don’t mind).

3. Tag 3 – 5 bloggers to join in the #RockingMotherhood Tag.

4. Grab the #RockingMotherhgood badge and add it to your post or sidebar.

Here are my nominations:
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Don’t forget to tag me in your post when you publish it so I can have a read and share!

Kat x

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Morning madness (why do I never learn….?)

Ah the morning ‘routine’ (I use the term loosely). Every week day morning I’m whirling around in a vortex of mascara, nappies, dry shampoo, Weetabix and nursery bags, sucking up anything and everything in my path.  The whirlwind eventually spits me out a harassed woman on the edge at my desk by 9am feeling like I’ve done a day’s work already.

And every god damn day I convince myself I’m going to be organised. Enough of the madness; tomorrow I will be prepared.  Here’s what I promise myself I will do that evening:

  • Iron my work clothes
  • Wash and dry my hair
  • Make a packed lunch
  • Get Willow’s nursery clothes out ready
  • Pack her nursery bag
  • Get into bed by 10pm

What could possibly go wrong?

By 5pm my resolution is waning, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I have to collect Willow from nursery and the whole play, tea, bath and bed charade is looming in front of me.  So here’s what actually happens:

  • We usually don’t get to eat our evening meal until after 8pm, fraught from  bedtime negotiations and attempting to put the house back together.
  • I’m still up at 11pm in a vegetative state watching some rubbish on TV mentally chastising myself that I should have gone to bed an hour ago. I still don’t move. Hair is not washed or dried. Idiot.
  • I have to get up at 6:30am, knackered because of the pointless TV watching, but this is the only way I’ll get my hair washed and dried and a smattering of makeup applied before Willow wakes up.
  • I grab clothes of the ‘clean’ pile that look the least crumpled.
  • I consider making a sandwich for my lunch then Willow will launch her breakfast everywhere and the thought is forgotten only to be regretted later on when I’m stuck with a crusty cheese sandwich from the canteen at work.
  • I wear my dressing gown over my work clothes to prevent being covered in Weetabix, snot, and or toothpaste. The result is slightly crumpled clothes now look like they have been trampled on by a rhino.
  • I remember to pack Willow’s nursery bag as we are leaving the house but only because I see it hanging on her hook by the door and am reminded to do so.
  • I run out the door, wrestle Willow into her car seat and vow that I’m going to be more organised that night.

Sound familiar?  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this morning shambles.  People tell me it will get easier.  Whatever.

Any suggestions for getting my ass organised? Or am I a lost cause – you can say it, we’re friends.

Speak soon

Kat x

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Diary of An Imperfect Mum
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Under the sea…..

Urgh January, it’s cold, it’s damp, it’s generally grim. Seeing as I don’t want to set foot out the house and leave the snuggly warmth of our log burner I thought I would reminisce about happier times and our trip to the Sealife Centre in Blackpool last year.

We decided to go for Willow’s first birthday at the end of November. The original plan was to go to the zoo but it was so cold on the day we thought that we ( who is always freezing and would be moaning within the first five minutes of getting out of the car) wouldn’t really enjoy it, so the Sealife Centre seemed to be the next best thing.

I wasn’t really expecting much, as well, it’s Blackpool. I thought it would be tacky with a few sad looking fish in some grotty tanks (it’s ok I live here, I can say it) but it really wasn’t.  In fact it was the complete opposite. We had a voucher to get in which gave us £5 off per adult but it still came to £25 which I think is a little pricey, especially if you have older children that you have to pay for as well. I think they sometimes have offers on and I think you can buy a yearly pass which works out cheaper.  Also you can come and go as many times as you want in a day, say if you want to nip out for some lunch.

Anyway, far from it being tacky it was actually really fun and educational – for me the perfect combo!Of course Willow is too little to take in the educational side of things but they massively support sea conservation projects and aim to teach children about protecting the earth’s waters and sea life.

There is a lift to the aquarium so perfect for prams and little legs. They also have a pram park at the start if you don’t want to take your pram round which, if it’s busy, could be a bit of a pain. It’s probably worth noting that as it was the end of November it wasn’t very busy so we could see everything at leisure.  I suspect at busy times you may have to wait to get near a tank or queue to see things.

Willow was a bit reticent at first and clung to one of us like a limpet (get it? Sorry.) I think this was because it is low lit and to be honest she’d never seen real fish before. She soon got into it though.  Following the fish about, pointing, laughing and touching the glass.  It was hilarious to watch her as she thought she could go through the glass to be with the fishes.

She got really brave and stuck her head in the glass bubbles which make it feel like you are in the tanks. She literally squealed with delight.  Visually it was so stimulating for her, the movement, the light hitting the water.  She loved it.  I thought she might have been a bit frightened to go in the tunnel but she loved watching the sharks and rays gliding over our heads.  In fact she didn’t want to come out of that bit and got into a grump.  Of course because she enjoyed it so much we enjoyed it all the more too.

We kept missing them but they hsve feeding session for different fish throughout the day. I really wanted to see the shark feeding but Willow was obsessed with the ‘Nemo’ fish so we stayed at that tank instead.  We let her set the pace for getting round which worked really well.

I would definitely recommend the Sealife Centre for a family day out. For babies and toddlers they can soak up the new sights and sounds and for older children they can learn, touch starfish and get involved in conservation projects.

I think I’m legally obliged to say that the Sealife Centre didn’t ask me to write this. These are my own views but it was so lovely I wanted to share it with you and hopefully inspire you to visit something similar.

Have you got any aquarium/zoo/wildlife park suggestions (preferably in the North West area). Willow loves animals so we’re keen to start going to as many as possible – it just needs to warm up a little for mummy first!

Speak soon

Kat x

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Christmas with a kid

Now that the fairy dust has settled, the tree has gone (well it’s on its side in the front garden) with much wrangling, expletives and resorting to manic pruning with the garden sheers from daddy day care and the toys are put away (by put away I mean shoved to one corner of the room where they remain collecting dust as despite all the lovely things she got, Willow still only wants to play with my phone and the remote control) I think it’s a good time to reflect on our first Christmas with child.

In a word, wow. Here’s another: Exhausting. It has been a whirlwind of Christmas parties (her, not us) I think she went to five at the last count, trips to Santa and Christmas jumper days.

Making memories ❤️

We were basically her festive PAs, shuttling her about and trying to keep sugary contraband to a minimum which at Christmas is basically fighting a losing battle.  All while trying to hold down a job and do the Christmas shopping because denial kicked in and you left it too late to do it online.

And nobody was bothered about seeing us mere parentals.  Family and friends all wanted a piece of the Willow action so Christmas day and boxing day became a logistical nightmare trying to keep everyone happy, inevitably miffing someone along the way and trying to exert some damage control before it become a full scale family festive fall out.  Exhausting.  Bloody exhausting.

Having said all this, the magic of Christmas scooped us up and we let it take us along for a festive sleigh ride. The build up with a child is so much more special and I think we were more excited for Christmas day than anyone (I woke Willow up at 8am as I couldn’t wait for pressie opening any longer).  It was wonderful to start new family traditions like leaving the mince pie out for Father Christmas, sprinkling reindeer dust for Rudolph and putting on new pjs for Christmas Eve.  The look of joy on her little face as she opened her presents was priceless and the joy this brought to friends and family was immeasurable.

I know everyone says that Christmas is for kids but I really get this now. There were (sugar) highs and (exhausted) lows but spending time with my little family at Christmas was ace, a bountiful supply of Baileys may have helped.  I’m grateful for the time we got to spend together because let’s face it not everyone in the world has that option right now and had to spend Christmas in appalling circumstances.  Over the festive hols she learned to blow kisses (cute), to say ‘Peppa’ (slightly annoying) and how to climb the stairs (really annoying and she was less than impressed when the gate was installed).  But hooray we got to see these things in real time for a change

New PJs!

rather than reading about them in her nursery diary.  Thank you Christmas!

So through Baileys tinted spectacles I can say I thoroughly enjoyed our first proper Christmas together (she was only three weeks old for the first one and no amount of enthusing from mummy about opening presents could persuade her to get involved) and I for one am looking forward to Christmas 2017 (you can remind me I said this this in December) Only 362 days to go…..

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families and that diplomatic relations didn’t permanently break down. And if they did I hope there was booze.  Lots of booze.

Speak soon

Kat x

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A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

Dear Willow

Happy birthday darling. You are one already, where did that year go? I feel like my heart beat and a year has passed. So much has happened. When you were born our world changed in an instant. We’ve watched you grow and learn with fascination. How did we create something so perfect?  We are so proud of you our hearts could burst. You’ve brought us joy, laughter and perspective. You’ve shown us what we are capable of and taught us patience and the meaning of true unconditional love.

I’ve not always got it right but when the days weren’t so good you always gave me a look to say “It’s ok mummy, keep trying” and I did and I became better because I want to be the best for you. It’s no less than you deserve. You are so worth all the breast milk stained, tear soaked, sleep deprived days and nights. I would do it all again for you. I really would.

Thank you darling girl for showing me the way in life, for making me realise what is truly important. I see now that family is all that matters, not the emptiness of being the last girl standing. And while the world has been going bonkers this year you have remained our sunshine. I love your innocence. You don’t know how unjust life can be and I promise to protect you and keep it that way for you for as long as I can. I also promise to dedicate myself to showing you all the amazing, wonderful people and places in the world. They are all there waiting for you. Go get them girl.

I wish so many things for you. Judging by your personality now I know you are going to be strong and smart. These are the best qualities I could hope for you. Be happy darling and most of all be yourself. Never be afraid to be you. Follow your dreams and no matter where you go or what you decide to do we will always be here to support you.

What a wonderful year.  I can’t wait to see what adventures the next one will bring for us. You are going to grow so much more and we will grow with you.

Love you to the moon and back.

Mummy xxx

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Mummy Times Two

Mummy’s hangover hell

Why oh why oh why? That was pretty much all I said last Sunday after waking up with a hangover. And a baby. I love Prosecco but it did not love me the morning after. OK so in hindsight drinking a bottle and a half to myself was never going to end in me being bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. I thought I was being clever by not mixing my drinks, quantity wasn’t a factor in my thought process.


There were so many whys that morning: Why did you wake me up by jumping on my head? (Rooky mistake that we didn’t arrange to have Willow sleep out. D’oh!)  Why have you had two poos before breakfast? Why do you want to play with all the bangy, flashy toys this morning? Why the fuck is daddy still in bed?

In a time of crisis I turned to the holy trinity of hangover revival: paracetamol, coffee and a bacon butty and hoped for the best. Willow was on one of course, throwing herself to the floor when mummy removed her (really loud)  jingle bells.  She repaid me in kind by releasing cacti Armageddon – all my little plants turfed onto the floor which of course

Why this morning darling?

meant that the (really loud) hoover had to come out and a grumpy daddy had to be woken up while operation clean up commenced.  Picture the scene: me sweating Prosecco, wincing at the noise while trying to manoeuvre the shittest hoover in the world that just spreads things around rather than picking things up. Again, why oh why oh why?

I became acutely aware as the morning progressed that this is why I don’t go out very much anymore.  I had a lovely evening with family and friends but I think the hangover payoff is too much.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I could go out and not drink but I have no self control so we’ll leave that option there thank you.  To be fair Willow doesn’t give a shit if the parentals have a headache, feel a bit queasy and green around the gills.  She doesn’t know what a hangover is and why should she?  It’s Sunday morning and she wants to jump on our bellies, fling porridge around and watch Peppa Pig on repeat.  Oh to be nearly one and have no comprehension of this self inflicted torture.

The day did get slightly better.  I managed to get myself and Willow dressed, donned my sunglasses and dragged us to our local Christmas food markets.  I mistakenly thought the fresh air walk would do me good.  When I got to the fair I got caught up in the festive spirit and for some bonkers reason bought a mulled wine.  Kill or cure? A little bit of both.  At first I was all  “yeah, hair of the dog works,” then I felt a little bit sick and had to call daddy to come and get us as I couldn’t face the walk home.

Mulled wine – what was I thinking?

Willow was loving it.  She got to eat chocolate brownie, normally prohibited by the sugar police, but as it was a time of crisis, sugary contraband seemed my only option.  Whatever keeps you quiet and in your pram my darling.  Exemplary parenting right there for you.

Daddy then treated us to a carvery Sunday lunch so no cooking or washing up. Winning! We somehow hobbled through until 8:30pm when we declared ourselves defeated and, waving a white flag in the face of our collective hangovers, crawled up to bed.  An early night – fabulous….. until I started throwing up.  One of Willow’s little chums had kindly passed on their sickness bug to me. Wonderful.  I’ll leave it there. I imagine most of you are all too familiar with how that goes.

Have I learned my lesson?  Hmm…. I’d like to say yes but as the hangover fades, silly season approaches and a bottle of fizz is opened at the mere whisper of anything festive then probably not.  Not to mention it’s perfectly acceptable to glug a bit of Baileys into your coffee at this time of year.  I may have made that rule up myself – mum and I benefit enormously from it. We go through A LOT of coffee in December. One think I know for sure is that next time it is daddy’s turn to get up with her so I can wallow in hangover hell in peace. Nobody is really winning there though are they?

Please let me know about your hangover/small child nightmares.  We can laugh about it in hindsight yes?  Also any tips for easing the pain the morning after gratefully received!

Speak soon,

Kat x

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Diary of an imperfect mum


It’s in the bag

I bought my lovely leather handbag in Bali the year before Willow was born (ah when we could flit off to the other side of the world on holiday.  Now it’s a military operation to get to the park down the road).   It’s big, soft and slouchy and great for just chucking things in. I used my bag everyday but after I had Willow it got relegated to the back of the wardrobe. I quickly realised that you need to be hands free at all times to react to whatever absurd situation taking a baby out in public throws up at you.  Day to day I didn’t even bother with a handbag for the duration of my mat leave, as long as my phone and purse were in the nappy bag I was good to go.  Except the time my purse wasn’t in the nappy bag, which I only realised while trying to pay at the Aldi checkout.  To add insult to injury I was (trying to) buy wine; double fail.  When I went back to work the bag was retrieved from its dark corner and dusted off.  It formed part of the transformation from mummy Kat to back to work Kat and was a comforting reminder of the old me.

I’ve noticed lately though that the bag is steadily getting heavier.  I seem to be lugging a tonne weight around with me and having been hands free for so long I’m starting to question why.  Why am I carrying all this weight around?  More to the point what is actually in there?  Here’s what I found on closer inspection:

  • A broken umbrella – the metal bits stick out everywhere but I figure its better than nothing when I need to protect my highly coiffed (ie. dry shampooed) bonce.
  • Bananas wafer baby snacks – For me, not Willow.  They’re yummy.
  • Make up bag with cystitis powders in – essential for the onset of stingy pee a much loved perk of being a dehydrated mummy.
  • Make up bag with a mirror, plasters, spare contacts and out of date eye drops which will probably finish off my eyesight in one squelch.
  • Paracetamol – for headache, period pain, and pain induced by a screaming child and or moaning partner.  Essential.
  • My purse – the shittest, smallest purse in the world that has about 200 cards in.
  • Sunglasses in the flimsiest case ever which offers no protection against scratching or arm bending.
  • Deodorant – I have not stopped sweating since the day I gave birth, but am constantly freezing. Flipping hormones.
  • Contact lense solution – for my knackered, itchy eyes.
  • Bee pollen tablets – my afternoon buzz!
  • Hand cream – I have the driest hands since having Willow. Probably because she poos a thousand times a day.  That’s a lot of hand washing.
  • Alcohol gel – essential for after an emergency bum change in less than adequate public changing facilities with one dried up wipe from the bottom of the nappy bag.
  • An orange pig – of course.
  • A pink rattly thing – I wondered where that sound was coming from.
  • A pair of socks – I don’t know why.
  • Breast pads – Five of, not even an even number and I’ve not breast fed since September!
  • Some pilfered napkins – parenting 101: always have napkins on hand so I pick them up wherever I go.  Oh Christ I’ve actually turned into my mum.
  • An old prescription, appointment card, parking tickets and Boots vouchers – just sheer laziness that I’ve not thrown them away.
  • An Oyster card – I live in Blackpool.
  • Eight hour cream that is at least 15 years old and probably harbouring a strain of bacteria that causes instant death. Must post to Donald Trump.
  • Paw Paw ointment – miracle stuff for my lips, another perk of being chronically dehydrated.
  • A lip gloss that came free with a magazine – I’ve not bought a magazine since before Willow was born, much less read one.
  • A button from….?
  • Five pens – what is the need? Am quite clearly a fledgling kleptomaniac.
  • A mini hair brush – which is neither use nor ornament on hair dreadlocked with baby snacks.
  • A spare bag – a bag within a bag – wtf?
  • My phone, car keys and a bottle of water are normally in there too.

I wonder what the contents of my bag say about me? I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day.  Chaotic genius?  Maybe not.  Super unorganised mum on the run more like.  It’s definitely time to de-clutter.  So what can go?  The majority of it to be honest.  Although I do find it hard to part with things.  As I’m looking at the contents now I’m kind of justifying them having their place.  If I don’t fill it then my bag won’t fulfill its true potential.

My lovely bag ❤️

I’m my own worst enemy.  In reality I’ll probably continue to chuck more stuff in there until it reaches crisis point and heaven forbid the straps break or the seams burst (this has happened to several of my previous bags).  Is it cost effective to go back to Bali to replace it?  Maybe if I just nip there by myself……

What’s lurking in your bag?  Have you though about having a de-clutter or are you a hoarder like me?  Have you had any handbag mishaps?  I found a fruit pancake squashed up in mine not so long ago.  I wonder which beautiful little monkey put that there? Leave me a comment, you can post a photo if you’re brave enough.

Speak soon,

Kat x

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Why I love Nanny Plum

I heart Nanny Plum!  I really do. She is by far my favourite character from the children’s TV I’ve been subjected to up to now. In a sea of sickly sweet female characters (Shimmer and bloody Shine – blurgh) She’s smart, sassy and has the perfect top knot.

I was adamant that Willow wasn’t going to watch TV and that we would entertain and stimulate her without relying on technology (yes, yes, laugh away).   Well Daddy Day Care undid my Hippy ideal during the first week of his paternity leave.  Within days of me being back at work she had a favourite  programme (Paw Patrol) and was merchandised up to the hilt with stickers, t-shirts and crappy bits of plastic passing themselves off as toys.  I will however now admit that TV has proved quite useful as a distraction in the mornings while I’m trying to get ready for work and it does stimulate her in ways that I can’t (well let’s clarify, it’s not that I can’t, I’m just too bloody exhausted to).

I digress, back to the brilliant Nanny Plum.  She is multi tasking the shit out of life.  Bestowing her fairy knowledge onto a precocious Holly and her squad,catering to the whims of the mega high maintenance (and really annoying) King, keeping that blasted castle clean and tidy and keeping those pesky elves in check.   Always so practical and self assured that even though she knows she’s heading straight into a blunder of epic proportions, she bulldozes on and then deals with the consequences.  More often than not she gets it wrong, so head strong that she refuses to see that she’s in the wrong BUT, she always puts things right with a wave of her magic wand and a slightly ruffled top knot.

What I love about her is that she can completely hold her own.  She frequently puts the whinging King in his place and argues the toss with that buffoon Wise Old Elf.  She’s more of a mother figure to Holly than the Queen who quite frankly seems a bit useless and plays no role whatsoever in bringing up her daughter (flipping royals palming their kids off onto the hired help).  Maybe one day Nanny will find a nice fairy to settle down with and have little fairies of her own.  I feel certain she would be an ace fairy mama.

I like to think that I can see a lot of myself in Nanny Plum (not the top knot, I can only hope to reach that level of perfection one day). As a mum I have good intentions and blunder on but mostly manage to put things right again.  I’m working on keeping our castle clean and tidy, although this is where I differ from nanny and insist these activities are in partnership with our King (nudge, nudge Daddy Day Care).  She’s def one of my role models and a great role model for all our girls too.  Proof that with a little bit of wit and sarcasm and maybe a bit of magic, you can take on the world and smash it!

Which TV character do you like the most or identify with?  I’d love to hear about them or if you heart Nanny Plum too.  Maybe we could start a Nanny Plum appreciation society!

Speak soon

Kat x

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