Let’s talk about Flex! 

We came, we danced, we flexed (to the tune of ‘Let’s talk about sex)…

“Let’s talk about Flex baby,

While you’re on the PAYE.

Let’s talk about all the good things

and the bad things of productivity.

Let’s talk about Flex!

It’s a funny old thing this blogging world. One minute you’re writing about cracked nipples or the latest object your child has put in the DVD player, the next you are lycra clad and flash mobbing Manchester Town Hall in the name of Mother Pukka’s Flex Appeal campaign.

Image credit: Mother Pukka

Orchestrated by Mother Pukka and her crack team (Pappa Pukka and the not to be messed with Mae), they are taking the show on the road and flash mobbing across the country to draw attention to the Flex Appeal and get businesses to wake up and smell the frustration and despair of parents across the land killing themselves with guilt at the 9 to 5 constraints of going back to work, managing child care, paying extortionate amounts for child care or those who are forced to give up their hard earned career completely because they deigned to procreate. This simply ain’t working for us anymore. Working flexibly (part time, full time, job share, when the kids are in bed, whatever works for you) could mean a happier, more productive workforce and would be mega beneficial for businesses as, according to the Government’s Capital and Wellbeing Report, flexible working could boost the economy by £165 million. Why on earth would you overlook that? It’s not all about making a fool of oneself in public though. Mother Pukka is debating this issue at the Westminster Business Council on 8 February and has spoken extensively in the media and other high profile public and online forums. She means (flexible) business. We all do.

Photo credit: Mother Pukka

With Willow and my mum in tow, I was more than happy to take a day off work and come and support this fantastic campaign. I’m very lucky because my job offers flexible working. I don’t know how we would manage otherwise so I really wanted to support parents who don’t have this privilege. I also got to speak to some fellow mummy bloggers who I converse with daily over t’internet but have never met in real life. I did feel a bit like a weird stalker lady, lurking behind people whispering “Do you blog?” Introducing myself with my blog name instead of my actual name was also a bit surreal “Hi! I’m Confessions of a Working Mum”. Resulting in a blank stare from the non bloggers and me skulking hastily away. It was a fantastic turn out with 267 mums, dads, nans and sprogs donning flex appeal t-shirts and carrying out ‘highly choreographed ‘dance moves like it was normal to be doing this in a public space on a Friday lunch time in Manchester.

Next up Mother Pukka and her crew will be flexing into Glasgow and Edinburgh on 24 February so if you are nearby and are able to, please get on down there to give your support. Lycra is totally optional, dancing is not.

You can find loads more information about the Flex Appeal campaign on Mother Pukka’s blog and follow her flash mobbing exploits on Instagram (search #flexappeal).

Let’s talk about Flex!

Kat x

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6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Flex! 

  1. Totally jel that you got out spandexing with the glorious Anna! She’s doing a fine job isn’t she? I’ve been mulling it over a lot this January and have come to realise it’s significance.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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