Hello TV my old friend

It’s been nearly 15 months but I’m finally welcoming TV back into my life. After Willow was born, in the whirl of breast feeding and broken sleep, my energy and appetite for watching TV totally diminished.  Actually it wasn’t just TV.  Films, books, adult conversation all went out the window.  I just about managed to keep up with Eastenders (my guilty pleasure) but otherwise I didn’t bother to start watching anything that had more than one part as I knew I probably

What shall we watch tonight darling?
wouldn’t be get to see the next instalment (much less remember it was on).

Lately, however, we seem to have established some sort of evening routine whereby it’s possible for Anthony and I to sit down at the same time and watch something. I’m not even really sure how it happened as previous attempts to establish a routine were dismissed by Willow without any discussion. Recently though she’s fed, bathed, had her In the Night Garden fix and down by 7:30pm. We don’t always watch programmes live (thank god for catch up TV) but we are able to sit and watch something. AT THE SAME TIME!

So in no particular order we are loving Taboo (Tom Hardy nuff said) on BBC1, Apple Tree Yard (bit harrowing but intriguing) on BBC1 and No Offence (dark humour cop drama) on Channel 4. I also took advantage of Willow’s recent bout of illness where she would sleep for hours

Gratuitous Tom Hardy image – I’m not sorry.
but only wrapped around me, by signing up for Netflix where I have started watching Stranger Things (I love this – it has a super cool 80s vibe which makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood).  If you do get chance to sit down I highly recommend all of these shows.

Getting back into TV has made me realise how much I’ve missed all this stuff and grateful I am for coming out of the new parent fog. I can also join in conversations in the office again and feel less like Old Mother Hubbard who has no idea what the ‘yoof’ are talking about.

I can’t help but shake this nagging feeling that I may be getting a little cocky about our TV consumption and will be rewarded with a massive dose of sleep regression which we all know is lurking just around the corner ready to pounce at any time and kill off our TV watching hopes and dreams.  Not to worry in this event I’ll still have trusty old Eastenders to turn to.

Speak soon,

Kat x

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