Sunshine Blogger Award

On a day when I wasn’t feeling very sunshiny, in fact I was feeling knackered and void of any inspiration to write, the lovely No Manual to Mummy sent me a nomination for the sunshine blogger award.  I know there is no actual award but that isn’t the point.  It made such a difference to know that someone out there, just one person, is taking notice of me and my little blog.

I love writing my blog.  It’s been my therapy and has helped me muddle through some puzzling parental times.  I don’t have as much time to spend writing as I’d like but with a full time job, house to keep ticking over and a baby that refuses to nap in the day I only get snatched moments.  I quite often feel guilty that I’m not focusing properly on any one thing but that’s a curse that comes with being a parent right?

Anyway, this nomination gave me the lift I needed.  So much so that I’ve neglected this challenge and published two other blogs before this one!  So I’m a little late but here are my responses:

1. If you could be any age for a week, what age would you be and why?

I think I would be 8 for a week.  It’s that lovely time when you are old enough to be aware of ‘stuff’ around you but not old enough to worry about anything other than what’s for tea and which cartoons you are going to watch on a Saturday morning.  How great would it be to have no worries or responsibilities for a week?

2. Do you have any nicknames? If so, how did you get them?

My real name is Kathryn but everyone, apart from my mum and nana, calls me Kat, even at work.  I think it came from a friend of mine Phil, who lives in LA now.  He always called me Kitty Kat and the name stuck.  I love it!  I also get Katrin quite a lot too.

3. Do you have any phobias?

Well I don’t like spiders but I’m trying to be brave around them in front of Willow so I don’t pass the phobia on to her.  I’m quite adept with a glass and a piece of card now.  I have to be because my partner is petrified of them so he is neither use nor ornament when a spider ‘situation’ arises!

4. What’s one thing you regret?

I regret not living in a city.  I love Manchester and London and wish I had been a bit braver when I left uni and taken the plunge and moved to a city.  It probably wouldn’t have been forever but it would be nice to be able to look back on that experience.  It’s never too late I suppose!

5. If you could make one wish, what would it be?

I know it sounds cheesy but I wish people would be kinder to each other.  I’m idealistic in my views but I cannot understand why we inflict so much pain and suffering on each other in the name of a patch of land or because of the religion you follow.  Live and let live I say.  I also wish Donald Trump hadn’t been elected as US President.  What sort of example does this set for our children?  What sorts of behaviour have now been legitimised because of this turn of events?  Troubling, scary times ahead I feel.

6. Would you rather go back and change the past or know your future?

Neither!  You can’t change the past, only hopefully learn from your mistakes (I frequently don’t ha!)  The future is up for grabs – it’s what you make it.  Everyday is a new day which is exciting so I wouldn’t want to know what is going to happen.  We need a bit of mystery in our lives.

7. What is your favourite festive holiday?

Christmas deffo – just in terms of the food.  I love Christmas food!  Turkey, mince pies, cheese, Baileys in everything!  It’s the one time of year when friends and family really make an effort to see each other and every other year my dad and step mum visit from Australia.  Christmas is getting back its magic sparkle since we had Willow too.  Last year it was all about ‘firsts’ (she was three weeks old, so it was more for mummy and daddy), first stocking, Christmas tree bauble, mince pie left out for Santa. This year she’ll be a bit more aware which will be fab.  It won’t be so fab when she’s trying to pull the Christmas tree over I guess!

8. What is your dream job?

To be able to make a living out of blogging!  I know this is a rarity but I would love to do it full time.  Again, never say never.  I just need eight days in the week and a whole heap of cash…..

 9. If you could give yourself one piece of advice at 16 years old, what would it be?

Believe in yourself!  I struggled with self doubt and low self esteem up until my late twenties, always thinking of myself as not good enough.  It was only after a year back packing around the world and a bit of self discovery that I figured out that I was entitled to feel strong and confident and valued in all aspects of my life, career and relationships.  Once I got my head around that and started to give zero f**ks about what people thought of me then life got a bit easier.  There are still challenges but half the battle is believing in yourself to overcome them.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I was the least maternal person before I had Willow.  Once she arrived in our lives I changed so much.  I was consumed by her.  There were good days and bad days but we muddled through and built an incredible bond.  Then going back to work loomed and I thought I was going to have a breakdown at the thought of leaving her.  I started blogging as a way to connect with other parents who were going through or had gone through the same thing.  Which is basically all parents but when you’re a first time mum and going a bit bonkers you can feel like you’re the only person going through something.  Blogging has helped me through the back to work transition withy only minor trauma (breast pad escaping from my top was a bit of a low point).  Blogging is so much more than your actual blog though.  It’s opened up this wonderful community to me which I adore and hope to keep being a part of for many years to come.

I’ve waffled on for long enough. Now to my nominations and questions.  I’m nominating:

Here are my questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  3. If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?
  4. What colour best describes your personality?
  5. What is your favourite book and why?
  6. What’s the one piece of advice you are going to make sure you pass onto your children?
  7. What’s the most funny/absurd thing that has happened to you as a parent so far?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
  10. What is the best or worst piece of parenting advice you’ve received?

Please tweet me when your post is live so I can have a read!

Kat x

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