Why I love Nanny Plum

I heart Nanny Plum!  I really do. She is by far my favourite character from the children’s TV I’ve been subjected to up to now. In a sea of sickly sweet female characters (Shimmer and bloody Shine – blurgh) She’s smart, sassy and has the perfect top knot.

I was adamant that Willow wasn’t going to watch TV and that we would entertain and stimulate her without relying on technology (yes, yes, laugh away).   Well Daddy Day Care undid my Hippy ideal during the first week of his paternity leave.  Within days of me being back at work she had a favourite  programme (Paw Patrol) and was merchandised up to the hilt with stickers, t-shirts and crappy bits of plastic passing themselves off as toys.  I will however now admit that TV has proved quite useful as a distraction in the mornings while I’m trying to get ready for work and it does stimulate her in ways that I can’t (well let’s clarify, it’s not that I can’t, I’m just too bloody exhausted to).

I digress, back to the brilliant Nanny Plum.  She is multi tasking the shit out of life.  Bestowing her fairy knowledge onto a precocious Holly and her squad,catering to the whims of the mega high maintenance (and really annoying) King, keeping that blasted castle clean and tidy and keeping those pesky elves in check.   Always so practical and self assured that even though she knows she’s heading straight into a blunder of epic proportions, she bulldozes on and then deals with the consequences.  More often than not she gets it wrong, so head strong that she refuses to see that she’s in the wrong BUT, she always puts things right with a wave of her magic wand and a slightly ruffled top knot.

What I love about her is that she can completely hold her own.  She frequently puts the whinging King in his place and argues the toss with that buffoon Wise Old Elf.  She’s more of a mother figure to Holly than the Queen who quite frankly seems a bit useless and plays no role whatsoever in bringing up her daughter (flipping royals palming their kids off onto the hired help).  Maybe one day Nanny will find a nice fairy to settle down with and have little fairies of her own.  I feel certain she would be an ace fairy mama.

I like to think that I can see a lot of myself in Nanny Plum (not the top knot, I can only hope to reach that level of perfection one day). As a mum I have good intentions and blunder on but mostly manage to put things right again.  I’m working on keeping our castle clean and tidy, although this is where I differ from nanny and insist these activities are in partnership with our King (nudge, nudge Daddy Day Care).  She’s def one of my role models and a great role model for all our girls too.  Proof that with a little bit of wit and sarcasm and maybe a bit of magic, you can take on the world and smash it!

Which TV character do you like the most or identify with?  I’d love to hear about them or if you heart Nanny Plum too.  Maybe we could start a Nanny Plum appreciation society!

Speak soon

Kat x

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7 thoughts on “Why I love Nanny Plum

  1. Haha love it. I now have a new appreciation of Nanny Plum. I don’t particularly have any favourites myself, but I absolutely loathe Peppa Pig. The show itself isn’t too bad, it’s just Peppa that grates on me. Haha. #fortheloveofBLOG

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